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About Acrylic BlocksUpdated 2 years ago

We start with a perfectly clear, extra thick one-inch piece of premium cast acrylic. It’s so clear that you can look right through it from end-to-end. We print your image directly to the back of the block using the most advanced printers and software on the planet. The result is a premium product with intense clarity and vibrant colours. Printed using advanced SwissQ Print technology for superior image quality. Vibrant colours in a wide gamut with original SQS inks. Three layer Colour-White-Colour printing, leaves image visible on both sides of the block. 1" thick cast acrylic block with clear polished edges. Excellent print longevity, rated for 200 plus years fade resistance. Proprietary Posterjack printing software creates crisp prints at large scale. Shipped in bubble wrap packaging in a custom protective box.
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