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Delivery Signature PolicyUpdated 2 years ago

We have authorized release on all of our packages. This means no signature is required and, at the discretion of the driver, packages can be left at the address if no one is there to receive it. Drivers will sometimes leave the parcel out of direct view to ensure it is safely received. If you see an item is delivered in your tracking, you will want to make sure to check behind any outdoor furniture, or bushes to see if your parcel was safely placed there. In some cases, the driver will place the package at the side or rear of the the house, at a side or back door for safe delivery. All of our packages are insured, so if there ever were to be an issue, we are more than happy to help you resolve it. If a parcel is lost, we can contact the courier to open a trace and locate it, or file a claim and get you a replacement. That being said, of all the packages we send out, less than 1% ever have any issues.
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