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Differences Between Our 3 Types of Metal PrintsUpdated 2 years ago

We have three different types of metal prints: HD Metal, White Metal, and Silver Metal.

Our HD Metal prints have a smooth glossy finish, and colours that come out true to the original image. This is a our most popular Metal option, with its beautiful slick finish! 

Our White Metal prints are a smooth white base aluminum material with a matte finish and true colour representation. The White Metal is a great non-glare option, that provides a luxe matte finish and a modern look. 

Our Silver Metal prints are a bit more of a unique option for a one-of-a-kind artistic look. With these Silver Metal prints, images are printed directly on bare brushed aluminum. Brushed aluminum is a brushed/textured surface and it is not a white background. Colours will turn out looking different than the original image, shifting towards the silver metallic tones. In our Silver Metal prints white values are not printed. Anywhere there is pure white in the image, it is meant to simply be the bare metal showing through. 

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