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DPI and Image ResolutionUpdated 2 years ago

DPI can sometimes be tricky business when trying to figure out how to export your file, or choose a size to print. The best thing to do when thinking about DPI is to make sure it matches the resolution that the camera captured in the image. DPI is a sliding scale based off of the number of pixels in the image (i.e. the resolution captured by the camera, a fixed number) and the intended physical sizing of the print in inches (not fixed). When you choose a smaller size, the fixed pixels in the image will be condensed over a smaller surface area, providing a higher density of pixels per inch, and a theoretically clearer image. If you choose a larger size, that same number of pixels is spread out over a larger surface area, therefore creating a print with fewer pixels per inch. So, if a high DPI print is what you are after, the thing to do in order to achieve this, is choose the appropriate print size for the resolution of the image, as created by the camera. When an image is captured wit…
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