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Tips for Wood PrintsUpdated 2 years ago

Wood Prints are an artful and unique way to make your photo prints one-of-a-kind! A rustic look with visible wood grain and warm wood tones imparted in the image, Wood Prints offer natural beauty and sophistication to your decor. Here are the DOs and DON'Ts for Wood Prints to help you with this product: DO choose images with large, defined subject matter. With raw wood base, Wood Prints prints look best with vibrant, dynamic images. High contrast and high saturation content keeps the image defined and meshes with the warm wood grained base, without being overtaken. DO get creative! Areas of pure white in images will appear as the bare wood surface in print. A big open sky, or plain white background takes on a life of its own when meshed with the beautiful wood grain of a Wood Print! DO check your edges. Wood Prints are printed nested together on a large plywood sheet and trimmed individually. The trimming process will cause approximately 1/8" of image and size loss per edge. Make sure…
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