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What product should I choose?Updated 2 years ago

We have a large variety of print types available. The choice really comes down to the type of finish you are most attracted to! If you like a glossy look with true colours, we would recommend checking out our HD Metal Prints or our Acrylic Prints. If you prefer a more matte finish, the White Metal or Photoboard would be a great choice. For a traditional look, our Framed Photos and Canvas Prints make great options. 

We also offer a couple of options that offer a more unique look, creating a one-of-a-kind art piece. When it comes to the more unconventional options, our Silver Metal and Wood Prints allow the colour of the base to influence the colour and texture of the image. Silver Metal Prints will add a brushed metal texture and have colours shift to the silver-metallic tones. Wood Prints will warm up the colours through the warm wood tones and incorporate wood grain into the photo. For these two products, we recommend images be of a nice high level of contrast, and high saturation to ensure the image has the definition it needs to stand out on the artistic base material.

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