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Placing Your Order

Step-By-Step Order Guide

Placing your order with Posterjack is quick and easy! Here is a handy guide to the 7 simple steps to ordering your custom photo art! 1. Click "Create Now" 2. Select your product  First, click on the product collection Then, choose your product 3

What does the Photo Quality scale indicate?

Our Photo Quality scale performs a resolution check on your image. This is a calculation based on the number of pixels in the image versus the chosen print size. Each level of quality rating has a different benchmark for the density of pixels (or

Is my image being cropped?

The reason cropping may be required on your image is because the aspect ratio (shape) of your image is different than the aspect ratio of the print size chosen. For more information on aspect ratio, please have a look at our article on Understanding

Taking Advantage of Deals, Promotions, and Contests

Throughout the year, we offer special deals and promotions to our customers. Signing up to our email newsletter—which can be done from our homepage—will ensure you never miss out on these great savings.   The promotions that we offer will usually be

Free Image Enhancing Service

Posterjack offers a free image enhancing service to all of our customers. This option is displayed in the Photo Art Editor after you upload your photo. The service is disabled by default; however, you may enable it for each photo you upload. Image

Ways to Place Your Order

The Posterjack website is accessible on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can place an order on any of those devices by following the steps to order shown on the website. Simply click "Create Now" to get started. Posterjack is an online-only

Selecting Framing and Hanging Hardware

Some of our products require the addition of hanging hardware for the print to be ready to hang upon arrival. These products include our Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints, and Photoboards. We have a number of different options for hanging that can be